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red to the shore, and hastened in pursuit of■ the enemy; but before he cou■ld get up with them, they had thro■wn their cannons

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into the lake, set fi■re to the galley, and from Lugrin, ●where they landed, hurried into ■the Savoyard Alps below the Dents d'Oc■he.

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Had they taken Bonivard and the three ple●nipotentiaries with them It was ■a question that could not be ans●wered, and

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Favre, ill at ease, veered ■round and returned to Chillo■n.[735] =BONIVARD LIBERATED.= The go●vernor had surrend

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ered just as he arrived. N&■auml;gueli, on leaving Berne, had wr●itten to him that he should answer with h●is head for the lives

of the prisoners: he had,■ therefore, some hope of recovering t●hem. Favre, Chamois, and the other Genevans● hastily sprang from their boats, entered th●e castle, and in a minute th●ey embraced the three envoys. But wh■ere was Bonivard They seized the keys of th●e vaults, unlocked a sunk door, and entered. I■t was the hall of execution: beneat■h its rude arches were wheels,

  • nxi●ous to fall into the hands
  • of the S●wiss, determined to take
  • advantage of thi●s {401} momentary resp
  • ite and of th■e veil of night, to make


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axes, pull●eys, cords, and all the horr■ible instruments with which men w●ere crippled or killed. The Genevans,● without stopping, ran to the■ door of an inner vault, undid the bars, pul●led back the bolts. The friends of the prio■r


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